Saturday, November 29, 2014


dont really care but yay

lol actually i do care fml im turning into a redneck

stan told mom how to make delicious casserole thing that was supposed to have chicken but turkey is good too

today has been the longest saturday ever

its still the first quarter..

i am downloading roms for emulators so i can play the vidya gaems when im home alone being a house wife
harvest moon friends of mineral town
golden sun
some zelda stuffff of courseeeee <3 nbsp="" p="">

im so spoiled haha

we are talking about my applying for disability though, since it doesnt seem like i am going to be able to be around people without freaking the fuck out all the time

im sad because stan is hurting a lot =/

i have to start cooking for stan soon and i am scared =( haha
im taking photos of recipes from moms collection and organizing them in Evernote notebook of recipes
im use more tech app shit than i even though i would. i always wanted to have paper and notebooks but.. sigh
this is just something to do i guess.
i know i will have to write the recipe out when i look at the image to make it because i dont like having my hands on my phone while im cooking.


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