Friday, November 21, 2014

2am Saturday blog post

So uh yesterday was okay.  Until I left the house to try and get some fresh air and walk around... Went to stores and felt really.... Disenchanted with everything. I want to decorate for the holidays but the decorations I am looking for might be hard to find. I will be making my own for a bunch of things.  And so stan has to go with me for shopping and I don't like him buying stuff for me.

Ugh anyways I came home and ate more grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh my god... I woke up just now in so much pain. Idek what the hell I was thinking eating all that cheese. It's like I'm trying to kill myself lol

Death by cheese constipation

Today is going to be fun. I am going to be miserable and drinking laxative tea and watching desperate housewives

We are staying home this weekend and I have decided to cook a meal all by Myself.
I know this is a very scary thought but he is going to be here in case I catch stove on fire.  (I am not used to the traditional stove eye burners.  My mom has hers under glass and they are Un exposed... Almost impossible to catch fire)

These normal ones scare me lol

Oh god I have to go poop

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