Tuesday, October 7, 2014

tuesday snooze day hahaha, i wish..

EVERYTIME i start a project of any kind a bunch of stuff cockblocks me. I havent got pictures of stans peppers in days and I dont remember how many days I skipped (though I will figure it out and just... yeah)

I also had a "blog everyday" personal project for my dot com url blog thing and i just cannot always make the time-- i mean, i almost always do. but i have that all or nothing thing going on and i feel like a failure if i miss a day.


its ok though. im gonna drink lots of calming tea and sort through my winter clothes that i got from my parents house to bring to the apartment cause you know, i live here now. water my plant babies. gotta go to the post office today =/
. god damn it.. i guess i will have to get that stuff done first cause its the most important. gaaaah.

ok i am back and i took way longer and spent more money than i planned but I GOT A TABLE FOR THE PORCH AND I LOVE IT AND I CAN HAS A PLANT AND AN ASHTRAY AND YAY

also the assistant manager of tuscaloosa walmart and i seem to be developing some kind of weird friendship that is verging on almost creepy but i am not gonna stop talking to him cause who knows? maybe i can get a job someday? i dunno. or get my brother a job. or someone else i know who needs one a job. connections are good to have.


Blood Moon Eclipse?

I have had a ridiculous amount of synchronicities lined up in my personal little... Tabitha-sphere where certain numbers and things are important.. anywayyyy.... they started pretty much just after Mercury went into retrograde... this is going to be interesting. I was scared and I STILL AM, butttt..
I am going to look at the positive.

However--.. Like I said I had bad feelings about these few weeks we are in with so much astrological stuff going on...

and on the way home last night from concert band rehearsal we noticed about 4 cop cars and tons of people gathered around the apartment complex across the way here... Apparently someone shot into someones apartment.. drive by shooting or whatnot..
Im not entirely sure. they are keeping details hush-hush right now... but I will know soon, I'm sure.
Im not surprised.. three weeks ago I saw death/bad happening omens while walking the dog.. I just kept it to myself mostly.. I think I told my stan. oh well.. sigh

now i go back to the other bedroom where i will sit near my altar and study and... try to get something good done.

aha its now 10:10 
and i have a good spell chant worked up and i am wide eyed and going to try and be up for it....

aaaaand now its 12:30 and i am awakeeeee and omgso excited

its 2am imm post this up and get my game face on

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