Saturday, October 11, 2014

totes took this gameday saturday off lol

we usually go to my parents house for games
and food
and stuff

but i just was not feeling it today

and not only that-- the OTHER thing we planned to do-- which was stay on this side of town and go to the awesome DirtCheap and maybe the ThriftStore--- that didnt happen either

i was just... not feeling it

lots of pain last night and this morning from stomach and bowel movement issues

i woke up around 10am and went back to sleep at noon and slept until 4pm



now i am in the bedroom and watching Sword in the Stone, then Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast

love love love these

we need to get Alice in Wonderland

Pocahontas is on netflix so thats taken care of

im eating ramen and canned chicken and mushrooms
i feel really good so i might take a break between Sword in the Stone and Cinderella and practice clarinet because i really need to stay on my game and i have reherasal again monday nighttttttt

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