Thursday, October 2, 2014

thursdayyyyyyyy ...

going shopping for stuff to make something to eat on SATURDAY when we go to my parents house for cook out and game watching and such.

...... ok i get exhausted and waited until not to go shopping.. its 4pm. oh well


so we are making this stuff with chex mix that has the cereal coated in milk chocolate almond bark and peanut butter and confectioners sugar and yeah...just pure awesome.

and taking that to the game saturday.

tonight i am too full to eat anything really which is sad face things

i have a huge knot the size of a grape on the gland under my chin/ on my neck on the left side.. i guess its that lymph node gland thing again???
 it hurts pretty bad. its very tender and i keep pressing on it like a DUMB ASS
cause you know thats what i do

here is stans peppers that a co-worker gave him. they are lovely and i am going to take a photo every day until he takes them down. this is the second photo though.. i took one yesterday... but.. i didnt post it here...

i want to do more art journaling and maybe even write some poetry  again... i know its kind of scary... i am scared of trying to write i dont know what might come out ... i went to some dark places the end of 2013 start of 2014... up until i met stan. and well, i know darkness is good to draw on sometimes buts i dont know i want to stirr up those feelings. they need to rest

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