Thursday, October 9, 2014


I am so very worried about Stan-- he is not sleeping good and has so much stress at work.

I think he needs to drink some sleepytime tea with me at night. i would suggest the calming yogi tea on top of it but it has cinnamon. but the sleepytime tea is more for sleep anyways.

i feel so bad every time he has bad time at work because i cant make it better.
i want to make everything better.

and when i cant help me it makes me feel like a failure but.. i know sometimes its beyond my control completely and... the letting it go is just so very hard for me.

today i washed a load of laundry and now its in the dryer. i filled the sink up with steaming hot water and a bit of bleach and detergent and sanitized some cleaning brushes and sponges and scrubbers ...

i will take out garbage later

i feel very into playing music lately
and drawing
i wish i could draw better
but i can to black and white ink doodles and designs just nothing... you know... nothing like sketching and what not

okay so... i ran to the store and got some stuff
stan brought home chicken and it was delicious

we watched LostGirl and now we are watching a documentary on raccoons.. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE OH MY GOD

i am so exhaustedddd
we are going to bed early because we are old people now ok thanks

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