Thursday, October 23, 2014

this is my later blog on thursday

so i slept like a rock wednesday night
woke up thursday and managed to be ready to go grocery shoppin by the time stan got home--- and i REALLY READY--- i was sitting outside when he pulled up, ready to go! i was so proud of myselfff

and we did that. epic grocery shopping. i think i actually have the receipt and i love sharing that shit idek why but i will post a picture of it later save-a-lot is the best grocery place. hands down. food is good quality and so very cheap.

stan was wonderful and made breakfast for dinner after we got back from the store and i had eggs with CHEESE which is a bad idea becase we have determined that everytime i eat this particular cheese in any large amount i will be in extreme pain for days and able to poop.
so i didnt want to drink laxative tea or anything tonight because id be up all night pooping
so i am in pain until tomorrowmorning when i get up and drink that and run to bathroom all day


but egg and cheese omelette mush thingy was so worth it

i passed and woke up just now at like 1:30am

going to sleep now
until morning

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