Tuesday, October 14, 2014


i slept wayyyy too late. but i needed it really bad so its ok.

i had a hard time waking up but i am ok now

and i want to get on with some house work

washing the bed sheet and my blankey and some towels
and running the dishwasher

we need a few things for the house so i will use the gas money mom gave me for band and helping her to get that and hope stan will pay me back.

we need dish washing pod thing -- and dish detergent
i know the detergent is $1 -----

i also need cat litter
trying to do a sweep of the house real quick so i can figure out what to do

popsicles would be nice but i am not gonna push it until i check my balance again it was $17 last i checked hahaha


wow my mom has really gotten good at throwing random shit at me hahaha not bad stuff! just like i had no idea they were coming here

but anywayyyyy
i went to dollar tree and got off brand Febreeze and a cleaning spray that kills e coli and and staph and all that jazz cause its important ok thanks
and i got..the dawn dish stuff

and then i met my parents for lunch at Logans . the food was horrible but it was good at same time? i was super hungry!

we went to the thrift store... and mom got me this awesome purse .. and stan bought me a skirt that will match most of the solid tanks and sweaters and such i have in my fall wardrobe

then we went to dirt cheap and i got a bra which was very very much needed and we are going to get another one since they are really really good bras like... mademoiselle and such from like... department stores... and they are only $3

i went to walmart to get some stuff-- and almost passed out again

its really fucking annoying and i hate it
i have started eating food in the store and paying when i get to register
i dont know what else to do

its that or pass out

so whatever

i came home and i thought i was going to be too exhausted to do anything but now i am wide awake and im trying to do some stuff if i can without being to loud

here are some random photos

yeah i have found the secret to youth
this shit is good for you
skin be all like.... smooooooooth and soft and shit

i want to sleep but im not sleepy this sucks i hate ittt ahhhh

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