Friday, October 3, 2014


it stormed a good one last night. finally.

right now i am forcing myself to eat something (swallowing isnt very pleasant right now with my throat and neck and what not hurting) so i can take this allergy sinus pill thing i have. I ran out of one of them. But I have this other one..

I am a horrible person. I try to tell people this up front and they never believe me.
then they are shocked later on. like wtf i told you...

i dont get it.

but whatever.

lets move on.

i have a lot of mental beating myself up to do today but while i get on with that i want to try and do something productive too. gonna take this box of styrofoam and random shit to the garbage can. p i need to put the stuff in the dishwasher and see if its enough to run it.. or just hand wash the stuff we are low on. WE HAVE ONE BOWL. IT IS THE ALL POWERFUL AMAZING BOWL. IT IS SACRED AND DESERVES OUR RESPECT.


\i am already feeling a bit better.emotionally

but i am sicker today than yesterday
the left side of my face feels like a swollen hot mess blob. its not visibly swollen very much but te sensation of it being that way is there. its very tender and i dont like swallowing foods.

im drinking another batch of double bagged tea... gypsy cold care and yogi calming tea.☕
pretty sure the gypsy cold care has herbal stuff for fever in it so i am not going to take ibuprofen unless fever stays up after its in my system. and then its good that i got a low dose ibuprofen so it less stress on the liver and kidneys.. which can be an issue when combining herbal remedies with what we do now a days... thats why its good to go either one route or the other. .... im trying this first.
if this stuff works for me i might go to Manna grocery and seek out ingredients for stuff i could make myself cheaper or something. it would be fun... to do that kind of thing.. herbalism... and whatnot

uh ok i gotta drink  this tea now

i also have to clean the litter box because oh my god it is rancid
i am so exhausted already mt face is hot and my eyes feel swollen
but if i do it now its done and i can rest


hours later

im in bed and i dont care or have the energy to talk about what happened in tooo much detail

we watched LOST GIRL so awesome so awesome and synchronicity tooo because Stan is Trick and we watched the Blood Moon episode and the blood moon happen next week and i have been telling stan we need to figure out what to do for spell work its getting to crunch time and hahahahaha so much synchronicity  πŸ’‰πŸŒ•

there was peanut butter and chocolate and powdered sugar involved πŸ˜€

tomorrow we visit my parents for game day cook out and stuff🏈

aaaand i am going to hopefully bring back a pot for my new 🌿 plant that i am in love withhhh

you have to meet him... i need to get some proper pictures.... he is wonderful!!!

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