Friday, October 10, 2014

t g eye ffffffffffff mothafffff

We went to bed so early last night that I woke up at 3 am ready to be awake. ahhhhh

i ate some apple sauce and looked at random blogs online and went back to bed.
my dad works this weekend so....idk what is going on with my weekly family thing.

stan left early this morning. or well, not really but... i couldnt get out of bed in time. sometimes when i get enough sleep and then try to sleep more i get into this deep hypnotic sleep that i have a really really hard time pulling out of... like... its like i am coming out of the ocean in clothing that is heavy clothes that are wet and i am being held back by the weight

ooooh i was all descriptive and shit 

i want to do something today but i dont know what... i think i should just stay here and do laundry and dishes and call my mom and practice clarinet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pffft every single time i make a list to do shit somebody gets in the wayyyy

today my mom txted me and i called her back and she told me that my dad demands that they uy me a new cell phone because he couldnt fix that other one.
i told him it was fine. i dont want to be selfish like my brother and he knows that.... which is why he did it for me anyway
which is going to make gordon mad again because he always thought and thinks that they love me more....  im just waiting for him to use this against me somehow lololooolololol

so i got the ZTE Compel.... or whatetever

i want to sleeeeeeeeeeeppp ok thanks

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