Sunday, October 5, 2014


oh wow so okay.
yesterday with my family was amazing
and i was so excited and tired no blogging happened after i left the house yesterday

... and today i did a bunch of stuff and fell asleep lol

i woke up and miss lilly had no food so i went to store and got distracted again
as usual
so i took a long time there
came home and fed her

then i ate lunch myself-- ramen and mushrooms

then i practiced clarinet and i sound awesome as usual

i haven't played a note sine MAY so i have like... no endurance at all lol
i can play awesome... for 20 mins

thats about it hahahhaa
but it will get better with time

after that i did some chores
and i fell asleep for  a few hours

now i am here trying to catch this up

i have to get my meds on the way to practice tomorrow which means i am gonna need to leave before 6pm. but just slightly.. like 5:45.. i dont know about traffic and i have to drive pretty far for band rehearsal and the walmart is about 5 miles out of the way so.. yeah

hopefully the line at the pharmacy wont be long
and then i can high tail to TCHS for rehearsal

i slept so good last night and tonight. like stupid ridiculously good
i am going to eat a tiny bit and go back to sleep and take advantage of this


awake again for a bit

just realized this---

Its that time of year again----------- time to stock up on cat ears. I never know when I am going to get that feeling and i have none right now (no idea what happened to the past ones i had. sigh.) , and they will be affordable. Eventually I will make my own, but right now is not the time =/ TOO MANY PROJECTS GOING AT ONE TIMEEEE.

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