Monday, October 13, 2014

should be MAGICAL MUSICAL MONDAY but nooooo... fucking storms and shittt

so now i dont have band practice tonight and i am sad and have nothing to dooooo

these storm systems are getting intense... just like i said they would
like... four years ago

just saying


i laid out some chicken for stan to cook (if we have power?) i dont know how often the power goes down in the city.. apparently not very often though

however its mercury retrograde and we all know what that means lololol

i already have candles in position

just waiting

stan is home nowwwww


its almost 10 pm the line has come through it was super windy and awesomeeeee

we didnt lose power or anything lol... i didnt think we would... city life is weirdd

i am fighting my sleep and being angry at my new phone because i didnt get an SD card for storage yet and fml i want too many appssss god damn it

but i crash now

ps: Stan is amazing and i love him and he is amazing and awesome and i love him .

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