Saturday, October 4, 2014

october 4th --- game day cook out with the family -- mercury retrograde begins today

i couldnt sleep last night at all.
i felt sick yesterday

and last  night i have so many things come into my awareness that involved synchronicity and stan and me and the eclipse coming up.. AND THAT WAS BEFORE I REMEMBERED THE MERCURY RETROGRADE

we have a huge cluster fuck of stuff and the energy level is rising so fast i cant get my brain to shut down..

i say here in bed fidgeting... wiggling my toes for what seems like hours... just trying to get rid of some of the energy but not start up the whole exercise thing cause it would be counter productive for me (give the time of day and that i want to sleep... doesnt work like thar for me)

so anyways i had like 3 hours of sleep

i am getting in  the shower

(edit: didnt get back to this post and gonna start one for sunday now lol)

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