Monday, October 20, 2014

musical mondayyy

so i slept a lot today but i got up and went to band rehearsal this evening and it is AWESOMEEEEE

theres so many people this time and everybody is playing better and yayayayayaya

i am so excited

they even made copies of music for me to take home ---well most of it anyway, some of it was only passed out for a read through and taken back up because they werent sure we could play it so they didnt want to make copies so they passed out pieces of the original score... some good stuff!!!

my old band director said he could hear me playing this time which made me happy
i am not good at sight reading and most of what we are doing is sight reading right now
we arent really playing stuff more than once

tomorrow i am going to finish the turquoise peace sign necklace and work on some other longer necklaces that can be worn as really long-- or double up to look layered

i really need to get back into this shit. depressed or not.. this is what i am supposed to be doing damn it

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