Monday, October 6, 2014

musical monday!!!!

Band rehearsal for me starts back up tonight!!!!!


i am so exciiiitedddd

you have no idea how much this means.... like.. no idea at alllll

ok so.. a lot of stuff is going down very fast.
there a lot of energy pooling up for the Blood Moon on wednesday and the Lunar Eclipse..its hard to keep track of everything but i have to try so i can look over the notes later and see all the connections between events and things that are all happening since the start of the mercury retrograde

its going to be a bumpy ride but i feel more prepared for it now that i have myself and what i need this week sorted.

getting my meds this evening on the way to band is going to relieve a lot of anxiety that has been pressing on my subconscious

ok so there was a wreck and stan didnt trust me to drive myself so he drove me to practice and got my meds while i was rehearsing because it took too long to get around the wreck and there wasnt time before. and the pharmacy was closed after rehearsal
so thank you stan for that

i have decided not to stress out about forgetting to blog every now and then.... And with that i bid yiu goodnight i am in bed and i will post about monday rehearsal when i wake up and have time on tuesday

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