Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Middle of the night blog post

So yeah. It's Wednesday.. Err... Thursday now. I can't sleep again. Same shit different day. I didn't get time to blog during the day so why not catch up on it now!

We still have not found a home for the Guinea pig. And are starting to have to buy stuff for it that we had hoped we'd not have to buy because we hoped some one  would've taken him by now.

He is very precious. So very shy but he trusts me a lot because I have done the most with him.

So any ways....... Idek.

I made jewelry today!!! It was exciting. But......... I think I might have taken to long to get back in touch with jenna so I fear my hopes of having that as a regular thing might be gone and that is making me very sad. I dunno. 

I've been really depressed with the season change and shit. 

On Saturday Stan and I are going shopping for jeans and then meeting my parents for dinner..... Dad is working but he comes through town on the way home right at dinner time. So he is stopping and meeting us and mom and maybe even Gordon.. at red lobster for all you can eat shrimp.

Yum yum

So uh
Note to self : do not eat that cheese ever again.  It is the devil. I am in so much pain and that's part of why I can't sleep.  Cause I was  kinda sorta asleep but I guess my really?  Cause I woke up and Idek

I should try to sleep  now

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