Monday, October 27, 2014

band rehearsal today

and we still have a guinea pig


oh shit i forgot i started this entry and now its 10:30pm lololol

I practiced clarinet this morning, cleaned out the Guinepigs cage and took a nap and bathed and did my hair and went to band and band was AWESOME

Mr.Powell was directing and yay.

I asked the youngest clarinet player to play 2nd clarinet with me-- she is 14 and plays pretty much as good as i did my senior year of highschool. her entire family is musicians though and she has been playing since 5th grade and takes lesson, though. so that is pretty much the reason.... though i can tell you she is insanely talented. her mom is playing clarinet too. anyways... she was playing a solo i played in college (it was a pretty easy one though, i mean, they found easy stuff for me because of my anxiety... though i couldve played harder pieces if i had asked but they were trying to be easy on me)

it was so much fun playing with her though! its like playing with Lizzy in highschool... its always more fun to have someone goofy to play the same music part with.

plus having this girl playing second--- it balances out the clarinet section better because i dont play loud when i play by myself im too shy... but if she is playing with me we both play louder. and the two older ladies are playing third together-- and there one girl playing 1st clarinet (which is all they need realy cause the band is so small and higher notes are louder naturally)

i even sorta mentioned maybe getting together and playing duets or something just for fun and she seems interested. that would be so much fun. i havent played clarinet duets with anyone since highschool with Nicole.

I would need to get some pieces to play but that is ok, i could find things. or since her family is all musicians they probably have some. most musician families end up with their own little music library at home. i shouldve done that myself but i never really had enough solo and duet pieces to do it.. i mean, i KIND OF DO.. but not really

i havent had much to update about lately ... been feeling sick off and on and having bad panic attacks and migraines

i've been on st. johns wort for a week or so now.. maybe two? i dunno
i will have to check.
but i feel like it might be helping finally
which is good, but i also have being having weird pains and i was worried it might be my kidneys cause theres been a few times in my past that a certain combination of meds have gotten my kidneys hurting. and i start bruising too. but the bruising can be explained with the acetaminophen/ibuprofen and my SSRI depression meds interacting (for those of you who dont know, things that thin the blood and some of these medications make for very easy bruising in some people.... it probably doesnt help that ive never been one to take vitamins and i have never really had a well rounded diet over the years.. lol eating disorder issues etc etc)


i feel better i think

i am going to keep taking it for a while
unless something makes me want to stop. or feel like i need to.

anyways i think i will play words with friends and go to sleeeeep

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