Friday, September 5, 2014


friday is here way too soon and I am still feeling like shit and sore and achey i dont evenknow what is going on.. i didnt know what day it was and i was keeping a blog by each day.. how the hell do i do that? what the fuck.. i dont even wanna think about it.

its hard to stay awake
and its also hard as hell to fall asleep most of the time
there is no inbeteween
i dont know what the hell is going ong

maybe one day i will hae health insurance lol

i have to wash dishes today
and shower because we are leaving early tomorrow to visit my parents on saturday cause dad is off work and stan wants to GTFO of tuscaloosa on gameday... they are gonna scream at tv together. its going to be precious. lolol

i am dreading taking a shower because i am so lethargic and tired... i know i wont be able to stand up the whole time... i feel like i am a lot older than 28... and thats my fault.. i did this to myself... i guess... with eating disorder and drinking and such... but i just though.. maybe i would come back a little strong than this... CAUSE IM COUNTRY STOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG

holy shit i need to watch that movie again ASAP

stan said the chicken nuggets i got at Sam's Club (mom took me in there with her membership) were the best chicken nuggets he has ever eaten. i want to test this. but i also havent pooped and i feel back up. i have have been eating APPLES
and Craisins
but this morning i drank a weak cup of smooth move herbal tea

also, about Sams Club- apparently its only $45 a year for membership so.... we are definitely doing that. asap. he is making his BBQ sauce  and we can get the foods we know for sure we will eat in bulk at less (you hae to be careful though... check OZ and prices and stuff)

theres also other good things there.. clothes.. house stuff... electronics.. some books and whatnot...
we will probably get a "honey do" list of stuff to get at Sams Club from Stans mom and she will pay us back haha. thats ok...

soooo wtf

i am eating ramen and white meat canned chicken in water that i mixed together so gooood.

i have to take a bath and get my ass ready before stan gets home because we have to go get my medication today,... i run out this weekend and i didnt even realize how much was going on so ffff

atleast i can think in complete sentences today!!!! that is an improvement!

herp a derp is 2:45 i took a shower and i got ridiculously exhausted. but i am clean. hair and everything. which is hard for me ---- if you know.... i have a fucking massive amount of hair and its long and dry and tangles a lot... yeahhhhh... thats why i braid it all the time. i cant NOT braid it. it would just be one big rats nest tangle and id have to get it cut off

so i usually shampoo and conditioner and get it dry and try to braid it before it gets to that... tangle every time you touch it stage.... but if i have enough hair conditioner and leave in hair stuff and oils i can blow dry is smooth with coconut oil or something similar.. i have to use oil when i blow dry or its game overrr

um anyways. we arent going to get my meds tonight we will get them tomorrow on the way back from my parents house


ooooohhh, so stan came home and there was a note on the door from the apartment company owners and apparently us telling them about the noise and loitering... just gonna guess its because Stan has been the perfect tenant have never been late on rent ever and.. well, they know he work for Alabama Public Radio here at the UA .... and.. well... it would just be awful if there was some kind of story about the way this area has gotten worse and worse and feels unsafe lolololool yeahhhhhh

SOOOO starting tonight.. this weekend... there is a security guy all night now.. starting tonight.. and there is a 9pm curfew. you have to been around your porch area by then.. no walking around or hanging out in parking lots and stuff... and no loitering in the stairways and breezeways anymore...


im sure there will be some hell breaking loose when they realize they cant hang out everywhere and be loud and blast music after getting back from bars or whatever it is that people do? i dunoo

i wonder the the security guy is doing warnings, then ... they mention asking people to move out... if they are repeatedly breaking rules... about curfew and stuff...

given the type of people that live around here... and i dont forsee this going very well.

might make for some fun stories ... the cops will surely come at some point lol

i am so tired i dont wana sleep jedigoaehns;oughbrdfgblsdf danm it

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