Wednesday, September 3, 2014

wednesdayyyy????? humpity hump day? witchy wednesday? idek

its 2pm and i havent even started this yet... my brain is not with it lately. and my sinus nasal cavity hurts so bad fffff

i have decided to take some time off from jewelry making and do it as it comes to me... just whatever i come up with... no serious projects unless someone commissions something. i wanna make fun creative stuff that i come up with on my own on the fly... not school colors over and over and over and over and over ughhhh

an old friend of mine that i thought i lost has come back to me and i am so happy to speak to him again-- cause we have known each other for so very long... and he is interesting in me making a keychain amulet thing for him.. so thats awesome.


i am eating ramen noodles with mushrooms for lunch everyday until forever
breakfast is yogurt or a weight loss shake
dinner is going to vary... chicken or fish with rice or noodles and mushrooms
i have popsicles for sweet treats and also 100 calorie tapioca and and butterscotch pudding
i have portioned out animal crackers, mini pretzels, and these iced galletos


sooo on saturday we are going to my parents house agaaaaainnnn
for football game day... its just gonna be mom and dad and us

and sunday we are going to Red Lobster (most likely) they have ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMP RIGHT NOW. its his co-workers birthday or something like that.

jesus its only 8pm and i am tired as fuckkkkk

im probably gonna nap and wake up around midnight again .. and stay up until 3.. and then go back to bed i dunnoo... blaaah

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