Saturday, September 27, 2014

uh its saturday night and stuff

I drank two bags of Yogi's "calming" tea last night and slept all night until ALMOST NOON and woke up long enough today to eat PANCAKESSSSS for lunch

then i fell asleep 3/4ths of the way through watching MeanGirls (watching it because they are taking it off Netflix again soon and I wanted to get it in one more time)

and i slept until almost 5

at which point i had to get up because stan was worried i guess?
i got dressed and we decided on dinner, i went to the store for some groceries. and his check engine light was on and i didnt know if he knew or if it was urgent so i freaked out and tried calling him only his phone was in the bedroom and he was in kitchen cooking so.. i called 30 times and got no answer and left a few messages that i am not proud of and well long story short i gave up and got groceries and drove home and he didnt even realize i had called until was sitting in the car parked outside and he called me... i think almost an hour had passed??


i just know now that.. if i have an emergency in the future it might be best to call mom. you know, when its like suuuper important. cause if this was something urgent today id have been FUCKED

so anywayyyyyy

i came home and ate (delicious chicken and corn and green beans) and also managed to have a few more horrible accidents that made me go WTF WTF WTF
so now i am back in bed and hoping i can start over again tomorrow with better luck


not my best dayyyy

this happens a lot now though

maybe i just ran out of luck again for a while
i mean, i ran out last winter and it was gone until march of this year? i was doing good but here lately its been pretty shit

it comes in spells though

no literally it does



i so funny

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