Tuesday, September 30, 2014


taking another day of rest.

not sure

sleep is the only thing

i probably never going to the library.


friday the night my grad class was gonna go to a football game and i cant get there because i have no gas money let alone ticket money or parking money

so thats fucked

and now stan doesnt want to visit with my parents on saturday for the game
so i really am gonna be stuck here for a long time
my outing to get supplies for the house this evening was my last taste of freedom

its ok though
i have a lot of sleep i can do
i dont really know what i feel anymore

i am sad
i want my jewelry to sell and nobody will buy it and i want to give up and i cant get a job either so what the hell

i just want to quit life for a while
like not die just.. not be here or anywhere for a few weeks
until time has passed and something happens? i dont know
sleep is the only thing

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