Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday is .. tuesday

i am packing and cleaning up the apartment and figuring out whats going on..

My brother had a car wreck yesterday... which is really really bad. he just got a job finally and we starting to get his life sorted out a bit... and this happened... right before my parents leave for their anniversary trip to the beach TODAY..

they gonna look at it and see if they can fix it on their own.. he only had liability insurance. so.. this is bad
and now his insurance is gonna be higher from now on for a really long time.
my parents had to take back their vacation trip funds to get his car out of the towing and holding place.

so i guess they wont have as much money to go blow at casinos lol but they place they're renting is already paid for, and it has full kitchen and we can cook and eat there.. dont have to go out to eat every meal like when you stay in some places..

its 2:30

today i added tigers eye beads to my CAT earrings so now i have tigers/cats eye pewter cat charm earrings

aaaaand a chipped green aventurine bracelet--- done with chain instead of suede cord cause i like that better

might make some more random stuff
i dunno.. i brought my luggage in here to start packing while watching netflix lol

i feel a bad vibe brewing and i dont like it i wanna go lay in bed or something idk
tomorrow is wednesday

i am going to bed now i feel a migraine trying to start

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