Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tues sept 2 daily word vomit

Its 4am and i am wide awake. This is really annoyinggggg.

ok.. now its 8:30.
slept a tiny bit more.. nothing much though.

fed miss lilly, walked the dog, took my morning meds, a checking all my social media, need to weight myself, and then visit with stan until he leaves for work. #housewifeissues

ok its 10am.. i am gonna take a shower and sneak to walmart for a red brick if i can get my hands on one... they put all that stuff on sale last week and it should be $1 for just one.
i need a hammer though.... but i might be able to make due with something else... i will have to let yall know about this later... its a hoodoo thing.. #witchyladyissues for our protection at this apartment! there is some bad shit going down around here yall.. seriously... ughh

ok no going to the store just yet.. i feel like i might be getting sick... my throat is raw and sinus hurts and i just blah..

i have stuff to do here-- little things..

so i am laying down and watching Weeds on netflix,

stan is home and we are talking about making Poppets and watching Breaking Bad and planning the next year or two... kinda sorta.. just in theory.... i am taking a break from jewelry and hoping to sell what i've got up on etsy somehow.. will do online promoting a lot the next day or two.. using instagram, tumblr, twitter, pinterest


its midnight

we finished breaking bad

i have all kinds of feels. i dont even wanna think about it right nowwwww..... ughhh

ok so.. i cant sleeeeeeep its now sept 3 and jsdciklhfpcihefpdioc
i definitely need a break from this jewelry making.. i am still  unsure whats going to happen with the new etsy listings... everybody is fucking pissed off about it
on sept 8th i am stopping my ads becaue i dont want to be charged for the new shit they are doing

i wanted to stay up and do stuff but my head is feeling really heavy and i think i need to go now...

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