Thursday, September 4, 2014

thursdayyyyyyyyyy idek...

i still feel sick... like something in my sinus cavity is just... raw or something.... it makes my head hurt all the time just a tiny bit... which makes me easily annoyed and snappy.. which makes me sad =(

I am about to wash dishes, vacuum... anddddd.. well just got some information on someone to help me work on this poppet. but gotta get chores done and try and make this nasty raw feeling in my throat/nasal cavity go away


okay done with dishes and vacuuming.. i ate an omelette for lunch WAS SO GOOOOOD
now i am gonna eat some frozen applesauce and watch this Doc: Zeitgeist-- the movie



i feel like i have a fever and my throat is sore and i dont know i cant get sick i feel really hot my head feels heavy and fuzzy and hot

i am definitely running a fever. i am clumsy and dropping stuff and bumping into things so my inner ear or whatever must be. i dunno. or its vertigo... i dont know..
stan has put me on bedrest so im not allowed to get up... sitting here with computer


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