Tuesday, September 16, 2014

taking a break tuesday

even though i have stuff to do..

my head is killing me
i had to walk the dog even though i have a migraine so that was fun.... when i got back to our porched i sneezed 10 times in a row pretty much.. and i dont sneeze a lot so that was pretty significant happenings... and now my head hurts worse... so this must be fall allergies or some shit...

its hard to keep my right eye open, but if i close it and squint and turn the brightness on the computer as low as it goes before being black i can use the computer.

however now that my head is hurting even worse i think i need to stop and lay down

i finally remembered where i put the allergy and sinus medicine and i took some so i am waiting to see if this helps.. i already took two huge doses of stuff for headache.

i am wrapping the crystals i got at the beach... i havent uploaded the photos yet because ive felt too shitty to do it.. i might not do it at alll. save for important ones... or pretty ones...

atleast not in bulk, however, i do want to show you my shiny new crystals and gems!!!!!

and this is only HALF of them because I got a second bag on the way home on sunday!!!!

THANK YOU STAN YOU ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU FOREVERRR. (they weren't expensive so this is a good way to get stones to use without ordering online cause the size of these are really awesome.. really big... so they're going to be way more if you buy them somewhere online... trust me)

here are more pictures from the beach.... (click continue reading or whatev if youre looking at this on the index page of the blog)

stan makes fun of me because i take photos of random shit... =(

i have taken multiple medicines for this headache and allergies and what not and nothing is working so i am going to go back to sleep i guess, i dont know

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