Saturday, September 20, 2014


 I am going to walmart right now before the game day crowds wreak havoc on the town... MISS LILLY NEEDS CAT LITTER AND I WASNT SMART ENOUGH TO GET IT LAST NIGHT HERP A DERP.



it gives me one last chance to look at shiny things before I sit at home all weekend.

which is gonna be ok. we are gonna probably watch movies or sleep
not doing anything will be good.. we kind of have been on the go for a while... he needs a break.

I think maybe we can make pancakes???
but he likes sausage and eggs and i ... well i am gonna see if i can do it. my food stamps are cutting slim now but... its ok.. almost time to refill.

maybe i just get sausages? but eggs are probably cheaper
aahhhh i dont know
anwayys imma go now before too much more time passes


ok i didnt make it before game day people lololool
but it was ok
i got to help an 80 year old lady in a scooter shop for pizza... she was so sweet. omg.. and we kept running into each other and kept saying hi and she called me sweet girl... and awwww.... see, this is why i like going places randomly sometimes.. you never know when you will get to make a connection to someone... the exchange of positive energy is so wonderful and powerful... i felt like my light was shining so bright... my entire weekend is going to be great... just think of that lady in her scooter... shopping and her husband in his scooter shopping.. and they want different foods so they are seperated and she was all "he hates pizza he said your sick if you eat pizza all the time. and i said im sick if i DONT eat pizza all the time" she was so wonderful. it makes me miss my Nana. i want to see her again.
I also had a conversation with a late middle aged man who was getting fancy pants cat food for his cat and we were talking about how spoiled out cats are. hahaha.

anyways. the nice old lady made me decide to get Stan a pizza for dinner or lunch.
so i did that and got a plant... funny story... the assistant manager of walmart (or thats what his tag said!!!) was going to lock up the garden center gate for a bit and i was gonna go in there and look at the plants  but i wasnt done smoking and he was like "im sorry " and i was all "its ok... its a nice day.. i will walk to the other door" and then i went into the garden center and he was still there and i told him i just wanted to look at the cactus plants cause i have been collecting them and he told me he was too! and the "exotic angel" plants.. he said the purple passion one was the best cause it has green leaves with really thick purple fuzz and he picked out the best one of those and showed it to me... and i decided to take it home cause it seems awesome. looks very wicked. and i mean, come on-- i connected to this guy over love of weird plants by accident and he is the assistant/co manager person of walmart? this might be useful somehow someday YOU NEVER KNOWWWW


now i am home. Miss Lilly has a clean litter box and Stan is awake and  relaxing in the bedroom. I am in the livingroom doing my thing.. which is apparently blogging and eating banana popsicles


i swear i had goals for today but ffffffff who cares lmao

now eating ramen and watching Skins UK on netflix

aaaaand Stan got a phone call from his mom ... someone  hit her in her motorized wheelchair while trying to dart out of a driveway and they didnt look before they did it? or something? IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT MATTERS IS THAT ITS BAD
now we are all kinds of upset and idk

i am trying to stay away but i think i m gonna pass out.. and its barely after 7pm...

yeah its sleepy times

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