Monday, September 1, 2014


sooo todayyyy i have  a list of stuff to doooo.. and I am exciteddd i dunno.. just happy feels..

having an android smart phone is weird for me because now i have to pick what email address i want to use for the google shit and i decided on my barely used tabithaleighreynolds at gmail dot com one... so now I have a new instagram account with that.. which will be family friendly!

and i am gonna go and delete my omfgitstabitha Instagram account and all its photos...

i just called the complaint people for Stan's apartment complex owners because someone has been parking in front or near our building a lot... blasting their radio as loud as it will go and like.. THERE ISNT EVEN ANYBODY IN THE CAR. OR NEAR THE CAR. WHAT THE FUCKKKK SERIOUSLY... god damn. they just leave it up and go inside somehwere???? and let it play.. like what the fucking hell WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN TOO.

and its more than one person. different people do it.... there are some people down on the other end that pretty much sit on the porch drinking and yelling at each other all afternoon and night.. and the area down there--- the grass and and sidewalk is covered in trash and alcohol bottles and fast food wrappers on the ground everywhere... I AM FED UP WITH THIS SHIT.

plus you know the random visitors of the people who life here most likely picking up drug dealings and what not.. and then i get sexually harassed randomly all the time.

any fucing waysss

i did the dishes, hung up the laundry... did another extra thing that is awesome that i will tell stan about... i need t to shower or do listings and i dunno which is more important


its almost 9pm but i have all  listing up that I planned to do today so yaaaaaaaaaay I did ittt
the only thing i didnt do that i REALLY REALLY NEEDED TO DO..... ???? take a shower.
so grosss..... there is just not enough damn time.. ffffff

I have been working so hard nobody is buying anything i am going insane and i am STILL FUCKING LIVID ABOUT ETSY CHANGING THEIR SEARCH AD PROMO SHIT

my etsy bill for august was almost $9 .. i didnt even make that to pay it =( atleast not on etsy.. IRL i sold stuff though... which is how i am about to pay for my MEDS because if i dont have my meds its GAME FUCKING OVER OK


i have been juggling around emails and logins with instagram and android devices and i have finally figured out what i am doing....

i have another instagram that no one will know about hardly

and i have one that is for everybody i already knew IRL --family friends etc

yay i can have privacy maybe??
if you search for that username is comes up with a girl who is-- omfgitstabitha_ or somenumber idk

i feel awesome.

tomorrow i am showering for sure.
and trying out this new other tumblr archive back up thing i found to see if i can back that up and purge my tumblr and start over as fun tumblr i can play around and reblog and get all nerdy and geeky about stuff on.. no serious bsns there... not anymore


i am so tired i dont want to sleep i dont know what to dooo goodnight interbutttzzzzzzzzz

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