Monday, September 29, 2014

not the best start to a week

which is ok i am not exactly feeling that great either
i think i might need to adjust my melatonin dose if i am going to drink the sleepytime and the calming yogi tea... lol

holy mess i am crashing already and its not even 10am ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

i think herc is ok

i need caffeine
i was just taking one pill a day here lately and ive ran out finally

i am feel like a fat ass and i dont know what to do

my head is killing me today but its no where NEAR as bad as i was a few days ago...

it was pretty tolerable until i took Herc outside to pee just now... its like getting hit in the face with a door or something...  the outside air and allergens or whatever... like a smack in the head..

i am so not excited about much of anything anymore.

i either feel too sick to make jewelry or have other obligations with chores or people or pets or family or idek... so i cam not getting any work done hardly
and its not like i feel the am feeling too excited about making shit right now--- nothing is selling and i feel like a worthless piece of SHIT.

like all day every day

just a worthless useless piece of crap

and i dont want to go back to work at some shit job that is going to drive my anxiety over the top i dont even know if i could make it through a week i feel so worthless why am i ever here

ok just fuck it i am gonna comb my hair and watch tv and cry bbl

ok i feel better

im watching Witches of East End

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