Monday, September 8, 2014

monday...marvelous magic monday

sooo.. its monday!!!!!

today i have cleaned the litter box, taken out the garbage, hung up half of the laundry--- and started sorting out some of the packing I need to do before thursday.

I am so exciteddddd

I am sorting and packing jewelry to make if i get bored and a book to read while we are trying to relax

Stan and i are talking about how we will spend our time... we want to go to the beach one morning ... and also go shopping for random stuff one afternoon.. we are gonna eat out somewhere nice one night. and probably do something with my parents another time... we have two full days... three nights-- but we dont get there thursday night until like... 10 pm or so...

uh anyway i need to go work on some stuff because its a full moon =)
)O( Blessed Be.


okay its 9pm or so
we went to look for a bikini top and other beach stuff for me and its alllll gone... walmart done sold it or put it back into the storage for doing a clearance thing later or maybe selling next year

its ok i can swim in bra and tank top and cotton shorts. i dont care lol

my crystals are out to get charged under the supermoon

i am just relaxing this week and packing... i have had a really bad last few days.. lots of bad luck
i need to cleanse and reboot and this full moon and vacation and going to the ocean to be with the sea.... sigh...

ok i think i am heading to bed

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