Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday .... sept 15


so glad to be home though

wish i could have spent time at ocean more. (my yearning to commune with the ocean was not quenched in any way shape or form.... not at all)

also wish we couldve been in the pool more.

but oh well

anyways... i just hung up 95% of my vacation clothes... cause you know i took 83283493483 different pieces of clothes and wore only 5 of them
it was three days. i pack for two weeks. i have issues. get off me.


also have to hang up the stuff in the dryer and ... i already put up the clothes in the washer

ok i got everything done today wooooooo i am awesome

i am actually watching tutorials on how to wire wrap tumbled stones I FEEL LIKE  I AM CHEATING I USUALLY FIGURE THIS OUT ON MY OWN. but I want these to look really really good and yeah.. so I need the little extra instruction on a few things to make it better

I think Stan and I are going to clean up the apartment and have his friends from work over here for dinner one evening this fall???

also.. this weekend my dad is working and mom has invited Stan to the house to watch the game.. cause he likes football a hell of a lot more than i do lolol

Stan talked to Tanner (Stans cousin/pretty much little brother in a way) and they are gonna try to let us stay with them this christmas when we visit so I can be around Hannah (Tanner's fiancee) more.. Hannah is amazing and so much like me and i miss her after only seeing her for a week that one time we went up there. she is so ... just.. her aura is amazing and she is just good people... i want her in my life. i need someone like her. i havent had any friends in a long time... Julie and Jessica aside, i mean... they are always there. but i dont have any one else really.
not that i see in person anyways... and Hannah and Tanner will be family in a few years.
and i wont see them OFTEN but just knowing that it will happen at least twice a year or so would be nice

today is buffer day though.. i did my "safe" foods all day until tonight.. Stan wanted pizza and god damn it... lolol i love pizza. ffffml

my dreams are very interesting lately... i can remember more of them than usual... atleast more than i did before here recently... and they are like mini movies of some kind of similar alternate reality i go to in my head? i dont know. either way there was a period of time when i didnt remember anything... but now i think its coming back

this will be interesting.

i am going to stop fighting my sleep and go to bed nowww

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