Thursday, September 25, 2014

its thursday and apple spice yogurt is my fave atm

of course this only last until i realize i love rice pudding more than life itself and there you go


i have today to relax-- plan my outfit and what to take and how to approach the grand opening of Jenna's store i am attending tomorrow. i GOTTA GO. some of my stuff is gonna be there. and i will wear some of my better stuff and have business cards and its just going to be a really prime time to make connections and get clients and my spell should start working now since its the new moon and waxing and thats the time frame i shot for ... ~*its all happening*~
i didnt even realize it was all gonna line up when i did it
thats what makes it so magical and special
because i dont intend dates and things to coincide they just DO somehow
and that is how i know...


i am going to dollar tree today and i kind of want to go to the library but no..

well maybe

i dunno

but definitely dollar tree for the halloweens and whatnots
they have tapioca pudding there for cheap and its good and so i get it there

oh my god i got so much stufffff

i vacuumed as soon as i got home.. or tried to.. but the vacuum is acting weird.. it smells like burning and i dont wanna ruin it so i stopped until stan could look at it before i accidentally break it and we have to get a new one

i will have to take a picture of the porch once im done decorating =X

ok so i am done decorating but i am getting a migraine so i am eating a watching tv until i know what is gonna happen

watching Skins UK because i am trying to get back into watching it and its getting really good and omg omg omg

oooh this strand of beads that do that ombre shade shift thing are awesome looking with this turquoise peace sign pendant.. i have a lot of pics to take and upload today ahhaha

feel really sick

gonna curl up in bed and hope i feel better for tomorrow

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