Friday, September 19, 2014


so i thought i was gonna go to the library today.
but i was mistaken. long story.

and now that thats out of my system

on to other things

i think i pulled muscles in my arms trying to pop my elbows last night but there was so much pressure i didnt know what to do... a huge storm came through so i am guessing thats why

my hair looks great the past few days and i have been stuck in the house.
it doesnt even get to be seen by anyone
maybe i should cut it off
its making me sad more than happy half the time...

ok i am depressed today

i think i should go back to sleep before i do something stupid

lololololololololol jk i decided to risk the chance of running out of gas in the ghetto so i could walk around walmart and i made it back alive wooooooooooooo

i also got cookies for Stan because he is supersuper pissed at me and i am in the dog house probably... er.. KITTY HOUSE.. CAT HOUSE... ... hey that sounds... sexy.. nevermind

the bad news is right as i was leaving my blood sugar dropped and i hate to eat cookies =( lol i eated his cookies
not all of them
no no but


also the being outside made my headache come back and i think i have knots on the right side of my head in the back behind my ear... i pressed and massaged the area and it felt better for like..  5 seconds

i came home and took more sinus/allergy meds and i am back in the bed room again after putting all that effort into moving my laptop and work station stuff in the livingroom...

ok my head hurts really bad... fml

------------  i passed out and fell asleep at some point between the previous update and this......
fell asleep on the hand in the worst way. ouch.
lolol good nap though!! felt like i slept forever!

so i have this tv with DVD player made into it in the BEDROOM SO I CAN BE ALONE AND QUIET TIME and so i can watch movies of any kind i can get at library when i FINALLY go there monday...

Stan and i are staying home tomorrow instead of going to my parents house to watch the game...
he needs the time to rest
and i understand that
its really hard for him lately and i need to chill out. im being selfish and i hate it... =( bad tabikat

so he gave me gas money to go to library next week.. i dont wanna go this weekend because hours are weird and game day traffic over there...

right now though i am going to the THRIFT STORE to look for tiny ceramic CAT FIGURINES because i am collecting them and they are like $1 ok thanks

---- yay i got a cute cat thing
it looks like Lilly when she is stalking something ... its her "IM GONNA GET IT" pose lmao

omg so they added FERNGULLY to netflix omg omgomgomgomg

this is why i am such a weirdo lmao i swear! this is me ahhhh

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