Wednesday, September 24, 2014

another damn humpday

going to pick my mom up while her car is getting fixed and probably go grocery shopping

either with her or after i drop her off again, i dunno.

i gotta get dressed i took a shower and i am running out of time to ger readyyyy

i miss mr.puddles already but i dont think i couldve handled taking care of a puppy that young, he was too needy and i am not fit for motherhood at all apparently. =(


soooo i picked up mom and gordon was with her and we went to sonic and got foods and then went back to the car place.... and after that i went grocery shopping and it was awesome

i spent too much

stan baked cookies and they are delicious but i am eating the last one now and it hurts so so so bad... but he wants me to eat it so i am gonna eat it

aaah so Jo's man, Mark got me into "Ello"

my chest is hurting so bad right now

i dont even know

i has so many hopes for what to do when i stayed up late but now i just want to sleep and not be in severe pain

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