Friday, August 29, 2014

The "i wish it wasnt friday"/ its "the wee hours of the AM" post

I went to bed thursday at 11pm in hopes of getting some sleep to be well rested when my mom gets her tomorrow and we go shopping and an such. I will have needed to take a bath and gotten dressed and blahblahblah.. it take almost 2 hours ok, it sucks. i suck at this. my anxiety is never going to go away...

---SIDE STORY--- my nana has had this same problem all her life ( a fact that, when Stan met her for the first time, she started to describe to him... the running around the house sweating so bad you might as well not have showered so hot soooo so hot and nothing to wear and pawpaw just sit there, ready to go..oh god anyways... just as she was saying all this he looks at me like "oh my god.... this is going to be us one day")

But my grandparents have been married coming up on 50 years now. so.... that seems ok.
And Stan and PawPaw are so alike.. its creepy. hahaha.. and god knows Im batshit like Nana...


SIDE STORY OVER ------------

I went to bed at 11pm  and i woke up EVERY. Single. FUCKING. HOUR. on the mother fucking DOT, too. JESUS CHRIST.
I just kept waking up, i check my phone.. say jesus christ... roll over, rinse repeat.
It makes me feel miserable and lazy. So I got up and came in here.

oh yeaaahh
THE REASON I WISH IT WASNT FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have a lot to do damn it! I have started up this Tree of Life earring/necklace project and GOD DAMN IT I AM GONNA GET THIS SHIT SOLD... every single pendant of that 50 pc pack i bought two years ago sold or went to someone special.. so why cant this? and at better price, gonna do a set of chipped gemstone beads and the charm-- then round oval or box shaped beads with the charm-- and then maybe the charms with glass beads of colors or designs that are interesting and look good. but wont be too long (what am i saying.. there is not such thing when it comes to earrings anymore, is there?)

and then just plain old charm on the fish hook earring thing... i mean.. its so easy i feel bad for selling it.. i didnt alter it in any way... its the charm and a finding.. no beads.. nothing i have decided to add for purpose or character... but people like that too... and i can sell it ... i just feel bad about it.

i have some very clever ideas for some necklaces here soon that i will take up next week.. or maybe sunday.. and monday...
i have another potential store that might buy my stuff in bulk to sell at their shop and i need to have enough stuff to give them something to look at =( and i have been sososososososo not productive.

I WISH I COULD SLEEEEP. gonna try again. and this entry can be its own... not fridays... cool beans.. BEANS BEAAANNSSSSS  COOOOOLLLL BBBBEEEEEAANNNNSSS. ok i am ok sry i stop now.

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