Friday, August 22, 2014

TGIF --- tomorrow I get to have some fun maybe!

this is my update all day post so keep hitting the refresh button kthxtbye.

ok... today I have to figure out how the heck I am getting Tina's necklaces to her so she can have them when she goes and visits out of town because today and tomorrow (sat) are only days to make the exchange..
and TOMORROW around 4 and the rest of the evening I will be at a Fundraiser event for APR with my man looking all cute and awesome to make him look good cause thats what i dooooo yayayayayay

ok nevermind its settled i am meeting Tina tomorrow at 1pm to deliver!! wooo . then i have time to get pretty for the fundraiser. awww yeahhh

I am about to run out of gas in my car and this is not ok.
I need to make lots of jewelry today if I can but I dont knowwww

ok its 10 am i am taking the dog out to do his business lol

uh not sure wtf happened... now its like 4:14.. I know I went to sleep for awhile.... I also made ANOTHER elephant pendant necklace... that makes 3 i've made so far. and I picked out the options for tomorrow fundraiser thing i am going to so stan can make the final decision because thats how what i want i dont wanna make the decision myself plus he knows these people and what is going on and i dont wanna wear something thats.. just... not... i dont know..

Miss Lilly is being so very precious today... I am so happy to be her kitty momma.

I need to wash dishes.. i still havent done that... we dont use a lot of didshes so it take a few days sometimes to get a lot build up.

i feel sleepy again... the heat really gets to me.. like.. i get so fucking tired.. so so tired randomly and dehydrated and just... want to collapse and lay anywhere and everywhere..

its weird that i dont sleep good but i am so tired... i sleep for like an hour or two and wake up and... cant sleep... and.... falling asleep is so so so so very hard for me =( it makes me angry.. i just want to SLEEP but no... =(

anyways... dishes... then... waiting for stan I guess...  its 4:24pm...


its 9:30pm... i am so very tireddddd. stan did this horrible thing that he does that i love .... its called getting chinese take out on the way home. lmao. yeaaaaahhh... I AM A SUCKER FOR THE MUSHROOM THAT ARE SAUTEED AND STIR FRIED. I DUNNO. I COULD EAT THEM ALL DAY EVERYDAY INSTEAD OF MEAT

I am definitely going to bed soon.

I am so drained... this heat has got to go... I cant handle much more of this.
getting up at like... 9am? showering, getting pretty, making some jewelry maybe? then meet Tina to sell her the jewelry she wants! I hope she loves it!!! and then Stan and I are gonna go to dollar tree and maybe some other place before heading over to the Pub for the APR Fundraiser.

I hope I am not bloated tomorrow... I will cry.. omg..
goodnight interwebz (hitting the hayyyyyy at 10pm)

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