Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Sunday Sundae

I woke up at 7:30am ... my stomach said it was TIME TO GOOOO

So that was that.

I am not procrastinating on my jewelry shit.. but I am gonna get to it here soon after I go get a smoke outside.

yall know i am full of shit right? i came up with 8348203483048034930 things to do instead of make jewelry... one of which was go to store! so now i have more low calorie foods and Miss Lilly had more cat food. and.. I got my weird antsy need to rough it with the weirdos at walmart out of my system.

itssss 2:30 and i finished make my earrings now I have take nice photos and make listings and i will have met my personally imposed deadline woooohhoooo.

ok so... i didnt meet my deadline exactly  but everything looks amazing super good earrings... they are so pretty i want to keep them all to my self!!! ahhhh

i am gonna use this lay out to make other earrings with charms/pendants for myself though... so cool


ok so we watch some Breaking Bad and I got distracted from my blog boooo


One month of dailyjournal down.. I finally found the way that works for me and is most flexible way to journal for mood and bipolar and meds and such  ...just use loose leaf paper and spiffy three prong pocket folder that tickles your fancy and at end of each month take that months entries and put them in a huge three ring binder sectioned off by month and year or whatev...

As i have gotten older I have (apparently) a form of memory loss from mental illness and remembering what i did during the days/weeks/ when i have an episode of my meds get all out of whack... Well its just handydandy. Its like a journal that is cliff notes of each day. Has helped me keep my self grounded when i get confused about time and events and when things happen.

ok it took me forever to get this all tidy and neat for my new month and I am trying to blog cause its one of my daily goals... and yeah

Stan is in bed and I gotta gooo

See yalll on mondayyyy 

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