Sunday, August 17, 2014

starting a public free for all to read and know about blog-

so i am copy pasta-ing this from my facebook status update and my other blog.... (which will not be used for more personal stuff.. its still public but i dont share it on facebook when i update, which is what i plan to do with this one from now on... ANYWAYSSSSSSSSSS)

Its story time!...... (if you read my other blog or facebook youve seen this so just ignore...)

so i went to the store to see if walmart had some glass beads of assorted shapes in neon orange and neon green in their $1 baggie bin and on the way home I saw a car that was wrecked and I saw the woman trying to get her baby out of the car seat and walk into the nearest business to call someone. I was appalled because I didn't see anyone stopping to help her, at all. like. not a single person. so i turned and drove back (i do this kind of thing a lot.. i am always helping random strangers.. because god damn it, if it was me i would probably be scared shitless and mad and scared and panicking and I just... I always help people. That is the biggest problem with the world. no one has compassion for anyone else. we don't help others... and if you don't why the hell do you expect anyone to help you when you need it? just saying.)

anyways-- this is not the reason i am posting this.... lol. I am posting it because.. okay.. I drove to the car business place, parked my car on the side of the parking lot in the only place i could find, took off my high heels because god damn i knew i would fall on my fucking ass trying to get around to find that woman and help her because i was not about to let a woman alone with a baby just wander around after a wreck like that.. i didn't even think the car place was open-- i mean its a sunday..

so i take my heels off and walk barefoot which is pretty normal for me, i do it all the time actually. no big deal. its actually more comfortable for me and i prefer to go barefoot.
so im walking pretty fast. like really fast... to walk down the length of this building and then i get close to the end and decide to jump off the little hill ledge thing onto the paved area which was lower than the area i was at ... it was slanting down hill gradually and they had cut about 4 feet into the earth to level out the lot for the business to pave the space for the dealership i guess? and they put up a brick wall to make the transition from that to the street level because it takes less space than smoothing out a steep incline and blah blah blah... ANYWAYS.... the distance from the grass/brick wall that up was no more than like.. three four feet from the cement slab pavement I was going to jump and land on... i was barefoot... and well... LETS JUST SAY IT HAD BEEN RAINING... but not ON the cement because there was a ledge over hang thing... but my feet were wet from walking on grass and such...

so i slipped and fell.

I fell on my left butt cheek and arm and it jarred me pretty damn bad.
i was apparently on some kind of weird adrenaline "MUST SAVE THIS WOMAN BLESS HER SOUL" rush cause i just got up and kept walking!

I round the building and see the open area of the business in the back and I figured she might be there because i didnt see anyone up front but i heard noises in the garage type area of the dealership so they were apparently working on cars... and i was walking and there was a gutter drain from the roof that was pouring the nasty roof water onto the pavement and it has this algae shit growing on the edges of it because.. you know... thats nature and shit. bird poop and such washing off the roof along same place for so long... anyways... i just keep on walking...

and i slip. and fall on my ass, A SECOND TIME.



while trying to help this person i dont even know and haven't found yet

i got up AGAIN... a little shaken but STILL DETERMINED TO DO THIS BECAUSE GOD DAMN IT I HAD COME THIS FAR AND I was really fucking pissed off.. from falling... and from the fact that NOBODY FUCKING STOPPED TO HELP OR CHECK ON THIS WOMAN... her car was in a moving lane on the road .. crushed front end... emergency lights on... it appeared as though the person she had run into (it was right as you come up on a stoplight) had just drove off and i couldn't for the life of understand why... just.. fffff... so I WAS PISSED AND DETERMINED TO HELP.

I found someone in the back and they said she was up front so I went back around and out and i did indeed find a door in the front.... and just as i found it she was walking out with her baby and she was crying and crying.. and she told me what happened. that she was alone cause her boyfriend was out of town so nobody was there to help her! no family or anything! wtfff... and the dealership was all sorry for her and apparently said they would let her rent a car for the day or two until he got back? i dont know... it was weird... but she was ok... and the kid was ok and there were people there to help her... and she has called people and i was like ok....

so i calmed down a bit and told her what had just happened to me... trying to come help her.. and she was like "OH MY LORD THANK YOU BLESS YOU" and I just started laughing cause its just damn hilarious cause... THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN TO MY CLUMSY ASS. and we both started laughing and she was laughing instead of crying and then i knew... despite not being able to help really.. i did help... because it helped her soul knowing a random person went through all that trouble and kept going and... she hugged me and i know she will have a story to tell. and i think its this kind of thing.... actually interacting and have compassion for people .... people you dont know... never could have known.. because we are all divine spirits brought here together having this human experience on earth in this body vessel to learn and change and grow... and its a crazy ass world.. and we need to look out for each other damn it. i dont care who you are... where you came from... how old you are... if your black white pink orange tan blue multicolored tattoo'd with piercings everywhere and neon pink hair or no hair at all or anything at all.. it DOESNT MATTER... we are all here struggling on our personal life paths and if we do nothing else every day... the most important thing we could ever do... is reach out and help another soul. because we are all connected. there is a little bit God light love energy spark in every single person. and just because they haven't gotten on the part of their path where its obvious they are walking in the Light.... well hell, isnt that the time they need the light of other souls MOST to help them see? kindle a flame in each other and watch love spread through the world god damn it. I BELIEVE IN PEOPLE. I HAVE TO GIVE EVERYONE A CHANCE.. HELP EVERYONE. LOVE EVERYONE. this is the only way i know how to live and be. and sometimes bad things happen to me because i get taken advantage of because im so nice... but the feeling of when its all good and everyones Soul light is shining so bright.... that feeling makes it worth it... now and forever. Namaste. Blessed Be. Amen. Light and Love to ALL.

(i will have to proof read this later... i am hurting and need to close my eyes now and and stop straining to type and see....)


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