Sunday, August 24, 2014

slow sunday.... grocery shopping.. tying up loose ends.

Yesterday was horrible it just drained all the life outta me... ugh... and the heat is DEFINITELY NOT HELPING HERE.. ITS SO HOT.

ok sooo i went grocery shopping .. I made a list and Stan made a list last night after i went to bed and i got most of it.. and he went to the radio station an hour or so ago.. and is going by the store on the way... to get the rest.. HERE IS A PIC OF THE LIST AND THE WALMART RECEIPT FROM MY GROCERY SHOPPING RUN

Stan has started up his own little project on the side like my jewelry business... he and his dad have this barbecue sauce they have been making for a long time and its kind of a family secret recipe.. lolololol

and STAN has some pretty awesome connections because he is an awesome radio reporter journalist person. and so.... he has someone that is gonna buy his stuff and this guy is .. kind of a big deal. pretty well known in tuscaloosa... like a mini celebrity.. he is using is for personal stuff though... haha so its not like a business promotion move but its still really awesome because the guy knows so many people he could potentially get more people to buy the sauce.. AND with my food stamps backing the first big batch... and the profit turn on this from what is costs to make and what its selling for is HUGE... so... it will pay for itself after this first time.

Stans sauce is amazing, I wont lie... good stuff.

i got Phillip (my cactus Ive had for a loooong time) a friend today... FINALLLLLLYYYYY I havent given her a name yet but I am going to ask everyone what they think we should name her!!!!

i made three pairs of earrings for my Nana and I have to make two more.. and then tomorrow we will get the clip on earring findings because ...Stan is being awesome and taking me to Hobby Lobby after he gets off work =X ahaha wooooo... I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY HELL YEAHHHH

I am going on a diet that feels safe for me starting tomorrow... I bought all the foods today.. so I have them here and I Can eat them and not worry... i just want to DE-BLOAT and start lifting these hand weights again cause i like my arms more when i do that.

so now i am sitting here and its almost 2am.. its monday officially.... idek what the fuck to do...
i need to make a game plan list for the week but that is not very easy

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