Monday, August 18, 2014

Semi-Productive Monday...

So after yesterday's rather... eventful and -- needless to say -- slightly traumatic events... And Stan feeling sick from bad food combinations or what not? Today just was not meant to be a good day I dont think.. Stan stayed home from work, took a sick day. I slept like a rock something awful last night after falling on my left buttcheek/arm/leg TWICE on slick pavement... (it all happened in like.. less than 5 mins, too, which is insane.. I dont even know.... I mustve had some kind of adrenaline rush going cause i didnt feel a damn thing until i got home later)

Stan slept in and I woke up (finally) around 11am and went into the livingroom... Miss Lilly had been trying to get me out of bed since 4am... she was so hungry and frustrated.... and so hungry that she stopped being mad and started loving on me and rubbing on me and purring cause she thought i was mad at her and punishing her by not feeding her.... i think.. but i was just... sleeping and in pain lol. MY CAT IS LIKE A KID SHE IS SO CLEVER AND WEIRD I LOVE IT. **kittythinks: well this isnt working maybe its something else, oh I KNOW LETS TRY IT THIS WAY!**


I managed to FINALLY hash out a piece of jewelry that uses those elephant pendants my mom got me like... over a year ago??? yeahhhh. 
the links arent that great and i might even re-make the whole thing if someone buys it-- atleast i know what the design is and i have a picture of it and can remake it without having to think it out and plan it.
I have like maybe... 5 more of the elephant pendants so I can do different designs with it to see what i like.. and maybe i can go and see if the place i got them has any more if they are a big hit (someone already asked about how much i wanted for the prototype necklace that i made and posted a picture of so i might have hit a jackpot here i hope maybe)

Stan woke up and had some chicken soup. He wanted to take it easy  on his stomach after being sick and all... I walked the dog twice, the first time in the morning I ran into a white girl who lives here that i had never met before and I talked to her for a while.. she was nice. she works at Cheddars. she noticed I was carrying a knife on me and she was all like "ahaha i see you carry your protection" and i was like "yeahhh my boyfriend wants me to" and she was all like "I carry mace." and i was all like "thats awesome i need to get some.. i keep saying that i will and i never go down to that store that sells it and get any... bahhh..

It came a good storm this afternoon... nice little line of storms popped up and came through the area.
I havent eaten any of Stan's Chicken and pasta yet because I feel like a fat ass and I dont wanna gain any weight and its makes me sad because I am getting paranoid and freaking out about being fat again just like i used to even though i am happy and everything is fine.. I just.. i dont know how to make the bad feels go away... it just.. probably going to be something i have to live with.. and work on.. and ween myself out of....for a very very very long time...for now thought i am going to eat safe food that i wont freak out about eating and try not to hop on down that rabbit hole again. ive been really good about staying healthy for a while now and i feel like i am walking on eggshells.

what they dont know is i have magic powers and i will soon be dancing on these eggshells and laughing in everybodys faces cause i am not giving up on being happy and and living the best life i can. 

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