Tuesday, July 10, 2018

well, the search for new medicine is on

the newest medicine they put me on is NOT FOR ME.

the side effects include:
rexulti side effects include, heart burn, headache, indigestion, stomach discomfort/nausea/pain, muscle aches, sleepiness and restlessness

so that is why I have felt like absolute CRAP lately. I have had EVERY ONE OF THESE SYMPTOMS.
Including my random vomiting from indigestion. It's been so bad that we have joked about taking out stock in Pepto. because I go through a few bottles a week (or I was)

so I have quit taking the new medicine but I haven't told my Psychiatrist yet. I think I will call him today, but that means he will want to see me ASAP and I am NOT going to go in despite what they want because I have an appointment on the 16th (with both doctors)

There's a book my Psychologist wants me to read and we ordered it on Amazon and I hope it gets here on friday like Stan said it would because I need to start reading it before my next appointment. and there isn't much time for me to do that. lol
he said the first few chapter will probably sound like gibberish to me but he doesn't know how intelligent I really am. or maybe he does, and maybe it really will sounds like gibberish to me.

I've been spending a lot of time in the living room which is kind of weird but its better than me hiding in my room all day.
I've been journaling a lot and I feel like that's been good for me. I got a new pen that looking like a kitty so that makes it even more fun.

i'm gonna stop writing now.


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