Tuesday, September 13, 2016

So I'm married now--- and someone stole my car tag while we were gone

I'm so pissssseddddd. my car tag was stolen from my car while we were gone to get married. I can't even leave my car at this place without somebody doing shit to it.

anyways the wedding was okay.

the reception the next day was okay.
the after party was the best.
my dad partied so hard it was almost embarrassing lol

and then we had to recover from the drinking... or i did. i drank too much and slept all day sunday
most of monday too honestly

on monday stan cooked more meat for the people at work

and today we came back and found my car tag gone.
i had a feeling something would happen to my car while we were gone so i am not that surprised but i am still super pissed.

now we have money to buy my nintendo 3ds
and pokemon xy

i have an upset stomach because i ate too much ham sandwiches

i am back at home and i can watch house all day again

miss lilly is glad to be home she is sleeping on her perch in the window

i have had a lot of BMs since the reception which is good because i usually have trouble going when i eat a lot

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