Wednesday, December 24, 2014

so much to update about and no time

so its chritmas eve nowww
and ive baked a good bit

waiting for some cookies right now

Stans dad and step mom were so wonderful.. its so much easier to meet people here where i am comfortable..... going to KY and being shoved into a part was ridiculously hard for me

ok i finished all the baking and good lord...



tonight we are eating something easy--- just frozen fish sticks and he wants mac and cheese
and i dont know
i hope i can sleep tonight
last night was insane
the manic high energy from the excitedness of the holidays is just.. i a through the roof i dont wana sleep i wanna be awake and doing stuff but i cant and boo

i just renewed some listings on etsy. i did a spell for my business to pick up so lets see what happens

i got sick from being around lots of people for the first time in a while....  this cold is kicking my assssssssss
i feel good and then i feel bad... and then i feel ok.. and then i feel even worse... its like a roller coaster

i baked so much todayyyyy
i make the best chocolate chip cookies from the cheap great value stuff. ;)

i accidentaly messed up these so a lot of them dont have the design and are kind of scramled.. its a long story... our oven mitts are too thin and i had to carry the cookie sheet too far and it burnt so bad i just... tossed it on the floor. it landed right side up.. nothing touched the floor... but they were all scrambled around lol

two different kinds of brownies (one has caramel on top) the other is just super brownies... they're Ghirardellie
the cakes are just normal vanilla stuff

aaaand now i am losing my voice... i think i might be getting bronchitis. i always get it really bad when i do.. so this sucks and now i might have to go find a free clinic somewhere?? wtf i dont even... thats so scary

anyways i am going to lay down and read i guess

i think i am going to bed at 7:30 on christmas eve lolol

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